Union Grand Energy priorities: Bringing new life, social, and economic activity to our historic urban areas

One of our projects at Union Grand Energy that will revitalize the landscape of Baku is our White City development.

Working closely with international ventures like Atkins (UK), Foster and Partners (UK) and our Azerbaijani partners, White City is being built as one of the biggest urban development and land reclamation projects constructed on land ecologically reclaimed from a former industrial zone.

Our company mission on all the projects we undertake is to bring high-tech innovation to each of our ventures, in the process creating new work, social activity and economic progress, transforming old and obsolete infrastructure into modern restorations and renewals.

You can see more about White City at www.bakuwhitecity.com, and also the

brief summary here:

- One of the biggest

Baku White City will be one of the largest modern projects in the world, built entirely on ecologically reclaimed industrial zone

- 221 ha development

Baku White City will encompass 221 ha, making it largest development in Caucasus region – 11 times the size of Icheri Sheher in Baku and bigger than Monaco

- 50 000 residents

When completed Baku White City will be able to accommodate approximately 50,000 people, which is approximately equal to the population size of Andorra

- 39 ha landscape

1/3 size of the Hyde Park – one of the largest parks in London

- 10 districts

Baku White City consists of 10 neighboring districts. The effective use of land for the development of each district is crucial for the realisation of the entire masterplan.

- about 3.5 mln sqm gross built area

- up to 18 000 residential and commercial units

- 48 000 workplaces

When completed Baku White City will be able to provide 48 000 workplaces.