Union Grand Energy – Committed to Smart and Sustainable Development

Our focus of doing business, at home and overseas, is on developing and finding new technologies to be more competitive and efficient in our ventures and services.

We call it smart and sustainable development.

What does that mean in our projects and partnerships?

We can see, for example, in our work with international partners on the massive Baku White City redevelopment venture, that our use of new forms of technologies to reclaim abandoned land and build 21st century infrastructure using the latest environment-friendly methods. This kind of public and private partnership, where we combine expertise, investment and cutting edge modern resources, is a model for our business.

Likewise, our upstream oil project at Azerbaijan’s Surakhani Oil field, where we have made massive investments to rehabilitate decayed and decrepit facilities, transforming the infrastructure and totally renewing producing assets, with more than 60 new wells drilled, and more than doubling volumes (you can view images here).

On all our projects we take seriously our mission to not just upgrade facilities but to work actively to improve economic and social conditions for our workers and citizens, including good salaries and jobs. At Surakhani we have kept and added jobs, paid millions in taxes, and continue to invest and reinvest in the community.

You can find more information about what we are doing, these ventures and others at our company website, www.uegpte.com