Anar Alizade

Businessman & entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Union Grand Energy PTE Ltd


Anar Alizade (Aliyev) began his business in a fairly young age and managed to create a successful business model in an international environment. He is the owner and co-founder of a number of companies, successfully operating in various business sectors.

Anar Alizade was born on September 21, 1978 in Nakhchivan in the family of intellectuals. After graduating from high school, he studied at the Nakhchivan State University in 1996-2000 and received Bachelor’s degree in economics. Later he received Master’s degree in business administration at the State Academy of Management under the President of Azerbaijan Republic.
After starting a successful business with the import of various products from Turkey and its realization in Nakhchivan, at the same time, he was engaged in importing cars from abroad as well as in family business for transporting passengers.

In the early 2000s, Anar Alizade arrived in Baku and began to successfully expand his business in the capital of the country. Using his business acumen to evaluate the economic situation in the market, he effectively invested his start-up assets acquired in trade between Turkey and Nakhchivan, as well as the assets of his family in the real estate market in Baku. After some time, this decision has brought him an impressive profit due to sharp rise in property prices.

Since the mid-2000s, Anar Alizade became known as a successful entrepreneur both in Azerbaijan and abroad. During this period, he collaborated with many companies, operating in commercial, construction and industrial sectors. Having accurately evaluated the potential of business in the UAE, which has arisen as a result of the processes taking place in the world, Anar Alizade decided to establish trade relations between Azerbaijan and this country. Thus, he has become the first Azerbaijani involved in this business. Considering the increasing demand for computer and electronic products, he established one of the first companies in the UAE with the Azerbaijani investment fund and started shipping these products to Azerbaijan.

His entrepreneurial activities in the UAE raised Anar Alizade’s interest in the oil sector. He founded several oil service companies and used his effective and successful experience gained in the UAE in this field in Azerbaijan.

The Grand Ltd Company, founded by him, was engaged in importing equipment for the energy industry and the maintenance of local oil companies. Anar Alizade’s successes in this area have made him a reliable partner of SOCAR. After a while, he has united all his companies in the Union Grand Energy PTE, which was founded in one of the most business-friendly countries – Singapore. He opened a representative office in Azerbaijan, was registered here. By doing this he voluntarily disclosed his international business activities to the official structures. Thus, Anar was one of the first law-obeying Azerbaijani businessmen who paid large-scale taxes on profits earned outside of the country.

One of the issues that has attracted Anar Alizade’s attention at that period was the sale of Azerbaijani oil by foreign trading companies, which caused a decrease in oil revenues as well as problems of selling Azerbaijani oil under its own brand. While in Turkey, he met a well-known oil trader Valery Golovushkin. After this meeting, he became even more convinced that Azerbaijan needed such a company. He prepared proposals in this direction and gave them to SOCAR, as the result of which SOCAR Trading company was established. Due to the success of this company, Azerbaijan has received profit of 2 billion US Dollars during 5 years and the brand Azeri Light was recognized in the international arena. In 2012 Anar Alizade sold all his shares in SOCAR Trading Company to SOCAR.

Currently, Anar Aliyev manages numerous companies, successfully operating in the oil, construction, commercial and industrial sectors of Azerbaijan, UAE, Turkey and Singapore. The main factor uniting all these companies is the perception of partners’ interests as a priority, as well as the formation of a reliable and friendly working environment, using the latest technology. To quote Anar Alizade: “Today, in order to succeed in business, it is not enough to correctly assess market trends; today the biggest success is to establish a reliable and close relations with our partners, in other words, with our customers. Anyway, all market trends are defined by them”.

Charitable activities and social impact

In addition to his entrepreneurial qualities, Anar gives important attention to charity. He is actively involved in such actions as the development of entrepreneurship in the country, the formation of new and successful business models, improving the living conditions of workers and other charitable events. The housing of employees and their families, financial support to talented students, children with disabilities and veterans can be named among these charitable activities.

Anar Alizade considers reinvestment of funds earned outside of the country back to Azerbaijan his priority. In this manner, one of the largest projects, implemented by him, is provision of the old and unusable factories with new equipment and latest technology.

Effective increase in the production of oil from old oil wells located onshore, drilling of new wells and providing them with modern equipment, successful participation in the Baku White City project, providing families of workers in-need with houses are also some of the other great achievements of Anar Alizade.