Anar Alizade

Businessman & entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Union Grand Energy PTE Ltd

Interview to "Business Time" magazine

After publication of “Azerbaijan–Anonymous” Report by Global Witness on 10 December 2013 focused on Azerbaijan’s oil industry a lot of attention arose in Azerbaijani society on who is Anar Aliyev. Mr. Anar Aliyev contacted us and expressed his interest to give an interview to our magazine. Our interlocutor gave us detailed answers about his background and activities. In the course of our discussion he shed a light on many previously unknown topics and issues.

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Growing global expansion and revenue generation of oil and gas in Azerbaijan

Here are some comments from me regarding growing global expansion and revenue generation of the oil and gas business centered on developments inside Azerbaijan as “Contract of the Century” marks 20 years. “Azerbaijan, SOCAR, SOCAR Trading and their international partners continue to produce huge social benefits for the national good and energy security around the region, making SOCAR one of the biggest names on markets around the world. Commenting...

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Business in Baku, Business in Dubai

People ask me all the time about what it is like to do business in Baku and Dubai. I remind them that we also have business activities in Turkey and Singapore, so we can say that we are really an international company increasingly doing business around the world. I would say that Baku and Azerbaijan remain the place where we think of as home, where we develop and do our core business. We are known in the Caspian region and CIS countries for the w...

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