Anar Alizade

Businessman & entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of Union Grand Energy PTE Ltd

Union Grand Energy

Union Grand Energy (UGE) is a privately-owned company which was incorporated and established under the laws of Singapore in 2007, when a number of companies, operating predominantly in the oil and energy sector were united to create Union Grand Energy Group. The company’s main focus is on the petrochemicals, oil and related products, oil machinery and oil equipment trading, construction and related fields.

UGE explores, produces and transports crude oil and natural gas, markets and distributes petrochemical products and oil equipment, manufactures and sells petrochemical products.

UGE provides competitive and good quality products and services to its customers, delivering excellence, striving for continuous improvement and responding spontaneously to changes. UGE complies with the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and fairness in all aspects of its activities, fulfilling its commitments as responsible business partner and constantly providing its best service to all its customers.

UGE ranks as one of the leading companies in the energy sector of the Caspian region and CIS countries in terms of the production and exports and is presently one of the leading sellers of the oil machinery and equipment. At the moment UGE is also steady moving towards and expanding into trademarked chemical manufacturing.
The biggest chunk of UGE’s trading activities comes from the sale of petrochemical products, crude oil and oil equipment. UGE is involved in almost every area of the energy industry.

UGE employees’ unique skills, professionalism and expertise make it possible for the company not only to remain competitive and successful in the energy sector and the region, but also to consistently grow, develop and implement future projects to expand into other regional and international markets.

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